Coronavirus in the world – Live Dashboard

The last months have been terrifying for the eastern countries, the emergence of the coronavirus has robbed the world observation, this new virus spreads very quickly, its mortality rate is 2.5% with respect to the data and statements made by different means and organizations around the world. as is the World Health Organization.

There are already infected in 43 countries along the globe, among the most affected:

  1. 78,497 China
  2. 1,766 South Korea
  3. 453 Italy
  4. 245 Iran
  5. 189 Japan
  6. 60 USA
  7. 40 Thailand
  8. 33 Bahrain
  9. 32 Taiwan
  10. 27 Germany
  11. 26 Kuwait
  12. 23 Australia
  13. 22 Malaysia
  14. 18 France
  15. 16 Vietnam
  16. 13 Spain
  17. 13 United Arab Emirates
  18. 13 UK
  19. 11 Canada


They are an extensive family of viruses that affect humans and various species of animals. So far there were six acquaintances who could make a person sick: four that cause the common cold, that of SARS (also in 2002 in China) and that of MERS (in 2012, in Saudi Arabia).

Coronaviruses that only affect some species can undergo mutations that allow them to jump to others and become virulent for humans. The new coronavirus 2019-CoV-2 emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan has caused one of the biggest health crises in recent years. Its expansion outside of China, especially in Italy, Iran and South Korea, shows the difficulty of putting barriers to the pathogen.


Just as it has happened with Ebola, a new virus wakes up, thanks to the mutation and transfer of animal-human, the virus crown infected its first hosts and it was infecting everywhere. A new virus attacks us without the possibility of having defenses.


The only tool available worldwide and the most used in the last decade. The answer INFORMATION AND DATA. With the information collected it is possible to follow the Coronavirus closely, understand how it spreads and how it acts on a global scale. Big Data and artificial intelligence play an essential role in the data collection of the world health organization, at the time of decision making.

But it doesn’t end there. With the latest medical technologies they have managed to process the information of the virus, thus knowing a multitude of features and using the Artificial Intelligence engines it was possible to detect the source, and the jumps and evolutions of the virus. All this without data technology would be impossible.

This is how technology can help this new tragedy in the form of a virus be contained and not become a pandemic, generating negative consequences for the countries of the world.

We provide you with a dashboard published and created by Johns Hopkins CSSE, so you can see the evolution of Coronavirus in real time.


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